Tennessee Promise

Refund Policy

Students may receive a 100 percent, 75 percent, 25 percent or 0 percent refund when officially withdrawing from classes depending upon the dates of withdrawal. Only during the 100 percent refund period will all refundable registration fees be returned. Only maintenance charges, out of state tuition and technology access fees are refunded during the 75 percent or 25 percent refund periods. For specific refund dates please see Refund Information.

Credit Courses

When paying tuition, students enrolled in 12 or more credit hours are charged at a maximum rate. However, if a student drops or withdraws from a course(s) the refund calculation is based on the actual per credit hour rate. The refunded amount will be the difference between the amount paid less the non-refundable portion and cost for remaining hours enrolled.

A 100 percent refund will be provided to students for the following: drop or decrease in enrollment hours before the first day of the term, canceled classes, deceased during the term, administrative withdrawal from classes or documented active military duty in excess of 30 days.

A 75 percent or 25 percent refund will be provided to students who drop or decrease enrollment hours after the first day of the term based on the withdrawal/drop date.

A 0 percent refund will be provided to students who withdraw after the 25 percent refund period.

Refunds are calculated based on the actual per credit hour rate not the assessed rate. For this reason some withdrawals and drops will not yield a refund credit.

Students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours and officially drop or withdraw during the 75 percent or 25 percent refund period may receive a refund for any unused portion of the maintenance, tuition and technology access fees paid.

Students enrolled in more than 12 credit hours have a different fee assessment, therefore, dropping or withdrawing from classes during either the 75 percent or 25 percent refund period may or may not result in a refund.

Courses with beginning and ending dates that are outside of the regular term dates will be adjusted accordingly for refund percentages.

Note: The processing of refunds will start the first day after the 14th day (75 percent refund period) of each term. Tuition payments processed in the form of a check are subject to a four (4) week waiting period.

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Non-Credit Courses

A full refund of non-credit course fees will be granted if requested at least two business days prior to the course start date. There are no refunds thereafter. If you need to cancel your registration, call the Corporate Training & Continuing Education office during normal office hours [8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.] at 901-333-4207 or 901-333-4277. If for any reason the college cancels the class or is unable to fulfill your registration request, you will receive a full refund of non-credit course fees four to six weeks from the date the payment was processed. Any exceptions to this stated refund policy must be submitted using the refund appeal process stated in the College Catalog.

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Refund Dates

Please check Refund Information.

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Fees Applicable for Refunding

Refundable Charges and Refund Periods
Student Charges 100 % 75 % 25 %
Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
RODP Maintenance Yes Yes Yes
Out of State Tuition Yes Yes Yes
RODP Out of State Tuition Yes Yes Yes
Technology Fee Yes Yes Yes
RODP Online Fee Yes Yes Yes
Campus Access Fee Yes No No
Student Activity Yes No No
International Fee Yes No No
Application Fee No No No
Late Fee No No No
Defer Service Fee Yes No No
Music Fee Yes Yes Yes
Lab Fee Yes Yes Yes

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Appeal Procedures for Fees and Refund

A student may appeal the assessment, application, calculation or interpretation of any Southwest fee, charge, deposit, or refund, or any action by the college connected with fees and charges. Questions should be directed to personnel in the Cashier's Office. If a student is not satisfied with the resolution made by the Cashier's Office, a written appeal can be made to the Manager of the Cashier's Office or the Director of Fiscal Operations. Further appeals may be made to the Vice President for Business, Finance and Information Systems and then to the President of the College.

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