Information and Printable Parking Permit

Parking Areas

On-campus parking areas are designated in the following manner:

  • Students – Students may park in any appropriately designated (White lined only) parking area. Parking hang tags or permits are required.
  • Employees – Employees may park in any appropriately designated (Red lined) parking area.
  • Handicapped or Disabled – Specific (Blue lined) parking areas have been reserved for students and employees with disabilities who have Handicapped or Disabled permits. These individuals may utilize these areas, as well as any other non-reserved areas.
    • All vehicles using disabled parking spaces must display a valid Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) license plate or placard. All vehicles using disabled parking spaces must also display a valid campus permit (either daily or decal). A 30-day medical permit may be issued to persons with a bona fide injury/disability. The medical permit does not waive the general parking fee requirement.
    • Any unauthorized use of a disabled space will result in a base fine of $200 which is not typically cancelled on appeal.

Note: Temporary placards may be issued to persons who are temporarily disabled by non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory conditions due to surgery, bone fracture, or similar condition, and whose temporary disabling condition and the estimated duration of such condition is noted on the physician's statement.

  • Reserved – Specific parking spaces may be designated for specific College officials or groups of individuals. Only those individuals who have designated parking may utilize those spaces.

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Prohibited Parking

Parking is prohibited in the following areas:

  • In fire lanes – all drive-through lanes in parking lots are considered fire lanes. Within fifteen (15) feet of fire hydrants.
  • In driveways, unless there is a marked parking space within the driveway.
  • On a sidewalk, or on a grassed area.
  • In any area that is designated as a "No Parking" zone.
  • In Service and Delivery areas (except vendors and official vehicles).
  • In "State Vehicle" designated parking areas.
  • In non-designated parking spaces at centers and teaching sites.
  • In any area that is designated for Handicapped or Disabled parking, with the exception of those persons who have a bona fide disability and who have been issued a state Handicapped permit or license plate.

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Standing Violations

  • An unattended vehicle will be considered parked.
  • Double parking is not permitted. If traffic is blocked by standing or stopping of a vehicle, the person for whom the vehicle is waiting may be held liable for the violation.
  • Parking must be within the designated lines of a parking space; no line straddling.
  • Parallel-parked vehicles must be parked in the same direction as the flow of traffic.

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Moving Violations

  • All vehicles must come to a complete stop at stop signs.
  • Reckless driving (defined as the operation of a vehicle in a manner endangering life and property).
  • Exceeding the speed limit on campus (15 miles per hour).
  • Driving wrong way in a one-way lane.
  • Driving across parking spaces.

Any questions concerning the parking information should be directed to Police Services/Public Safety.

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Printable Parking Permit

Fall 2018

The permit shown below must be visible from the front windshield. Please print the permit below to display.

Summer 2018 Parking Permit, Expires Augist 31, 2018

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