Tennessee Promise

Technical Skills Training

Engineering/Facilities Maintenance

We offer courses that are designed for engineers; general contractors; apprentice- and journeymen-level technicians; building, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical trade personnel; and building maintenance technicians. Courses include but are not limited to:


Occupational Safety and Environmental Health Training

We offer a variety of credit and non-credit courses and training activities in occupational safety and environmental health that can be customized to meet individual and organizational needs. These courses are designed to provide the knowledge base and technical skills required by the safety and environmental workforce. These courses focus on the application of the attained knowledge in such tasks as monitoring, surveying, and inspecting safety and health conditions in the workplace. Courses include but are not limited to:

Credit Courses/Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

In collaboration with Business Studies Division, offers credit and non-credit courses for business and management professionals seeking concentrated training packages on quality and productivity topics. Courses include but are not limited to: