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Communications and Marketing - Staff

Keith Gentry, Sports Media Representative, Advertising and Media Relations
901-333-4114 Fax: 901-333-4899

Keith Gentry

Keith is a sports media representative in Advertising and Media Relations. He began working for the College in 1985 in Media Services and, for the past three years, has served as the sports representative to the media. He handles publicity for the basketball, baseball and softball teams, including press releases, media guides, website and official statistics. For the past three years he has been the official statistician for the Tennessee Junior and Community College Athletic Association. He is also the softball coach for the College.

His work is also his play, and he has coached the Memphis Royals semi-pro baseball team to more than 700 wins over the past 20 years, including four state titles and a national championship. Since 1979, he has been a statistics crew member for Memphis football and basketball and worked numerous state, conference and national tournaments.

An interesting tidbit from Keith:
Nothing is ever easy.