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Procedures to Obtain Criminal Background Check

Community College Students Who Seek Admission to Colleges of Education Tennessee Board of Regents Universities

  1. Using the Tennessee Applicant Processing Services register online or call (877) 862-2425. Complete only the yellow required elements:
  2. Prepay your fingerprint service. The cost is $48. Prepayment may be completed at the Tennessee Fingerprinting Application site or by calling (800) 964-7690.
  3. Wait one day and then proceed to the fingerprint location of your choice. Print locations for conducting the fingerprinting can be found at Fingerprint Services for Tennessee. No appointment is necessary, but you must have prepaid for the fingerprinting service and be registered.

By following the procedures above, you acknowledge the following:

  1. the results of the background check can affect your admission/continuance in a teacher education program and
  2. that universities have your permission to share the results of the background check with school districts where you may be placed for field or clinical placements.