FLEX (Faster Learning EXperience)

Fall 2017 Flex Course Available

Complete English Composition Courses ENGL 1010 and ENGL 1020 in One Semester.

Course Times and Instructors
ENGL 1010-140 MW 9:10-12:10 Flex 1 (First Seven Weeks) Miki Richardson
ENGL 1020-140 MW 9:10-12:10 Flex 2 (Second Seven Weeks) Linda Patterson

How to Register for FLEX courses

To register for classes login to your My.Southwest account.

  • Enter your Student username and password
  • Click Login, and then click the option of your choice. To register for classes click the "Student Self-Service" icon which is on the left side of the page
  • Select "Student," then "Registration," then "Register or Drop and Add Classes"
  • Use the "Advanced Search" to search for "FLEX Term" courses.