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My Print Initiative Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Phone 901-333-4357

What is the goal of the printing program?

Southwest's new MyPrint Initiative will enhance financial stewardship, reduce costs, and minimize the environmental impact on the campus community.

How much am I allowed to print?

Students will receive an allotment of $35 in printing credits each semester which is equivalent to 700 pages in black and white. Color printing is valued at two credits.

What happens when I reach my $35 print credit allotment limit?

Once you use the entire $35 print credit allotment, you will not be able to continue printing. You may add additional credits by visiting one of the Print Station kiosks. To view your print balance, visit the Student User webpage located at http://myprint.tn.edu/user.

How do I add printing credits to my account?

All Southwest libraries have a MyPrint Pay Station for students to add printing credits to their accounts. You can add credits to your account in increments of 5¢, 10¢, 25¢, or $1.00. Please note that MyPrint Pay Stations do not provide change.

Do part-time students get the same quota?

All students are allotted $35 in print credits each semester. As long as the student has an active Southwest Account, they will have a print allotment.

Do I get a $35 credit allotment for each summer session?

No. You are given $35 in print credits for the entire summer, not each summer session.

How will I know how many print credits I have left?

On each computer desktop, we will display a widget with your current print balance. If you want to see a detailed history of your printing transactions visit the link on the widget titled "Details." You can also view your print balance by clicking the link on the widget titled "MyPrint Info Website."

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Can unused print credits be rolled over to the next semester?

No, print credits expire at the end of each semester.

What do I need to do if I experience issues while printing?

If you experience any issues while trying to print, please contact the Help Desk at 901-333-4357, or the front desk of the library on each campus.

How often do I receive print credits?

Print credits will be allotted to your account three weeks before the semester starts.

What happens if I do not log out of my computer and someone uses my print credits?

It is very important for you to log out after each computer session before you leave your computer. Not logging out allows any individual to gain unauthorized access to your data, documents, and possibly print credits. It is the responsibility of the users to log out of their machine after use.

What do I need to do if I want to file a complaint about the loss of my printing credits?

If you would like to appeal a loss of print credits, please follow the Student Complaint process that is outlined on the Student Government Association website.

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For additional information please see the Getting Started Guide or contact the ITS help desk at 901.333.4357.