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Saluqi Express

Saluqi Express involves student success partners and faculty. Select Southwest faculty or staff provides assistance to faculty by visiting classrooms during the faculty member's absence. Faculty will contact the Office of Access and Diversity, a part of the office of Special Academic Programs, at 901-333-5902 to request a student success partner. A twenty-four hour notice is required. The faculty member selects the area/areas to be addressed from a list of options. A confirmation electronic message will be sent to the requesting faculty. The Saluqi Express service provider meets the faculty member's class to share the selected resource(s) available and accessible to the students. Outcomes/Follow-up is provided to the faculty requesting services. A service completion form will be submitted to the Office of Special Academic Programs and a copy will be provided to the Office of Access and Diversity.

Saluqi Scholars

Saluqi Scholars consist of students who were involved in the First-Year Experience program. Cohorts of first-year experience students are interconnected. These students are nurtured throughout their first year at Southwest. The First-Year Experience students enrolled in the same courses and are encouraged to develop a bond and a sense of persistence to graduation. Saluqi Scholars are first-year experience students who have persisted to the second-year of their academic program. To date, a total of 89 students are a part of Saluqi Scholars. Saluqi Scholars are managed by the Access and Diversity Retention Specialist.

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Retention Specialist and Suspension and Probation Students

Students on academic probation and suspension are managed by the Access and Diversity Retention Specialist. The Retention Specialist facilitates course completion and retention. Suspension and probation students receive intensive case management through weekly contacts either via telephone, email and/or individual meetings. The Retention Specialist, instructors, and assigned advisors work in conjunction to academically assist the students. Close attention to students' transcript, course schedule, and in-class grades is provided. The Retention Specialist presents one event per month to academically engage the students.

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Leadership Initiative for Engagement (LIFE) with Students

LIFE with Students is a leadership development program for full-time faculty. The LIFE with Students program is designed to enhance the participant's leadership skills both in and out of the classroom with a specific focus on student engagement strategies. The two-year program involves reflective self-assessment activities, team building exercises, and leadership development exercises. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop a project related to student recruitment, success, retention and/or graduation in line with the College's Access and Diversity Strategic Plan.

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Southwest Diversity Theater

Southwest Theater is an innovative diversity program, sponsored by Access and Diversity, designed to address diversity issues through theater and/or television presentation. Southwest Theater incorporates faculty, students, and staff as producers, directors, and actors/actresses.

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Southwest Tuition Assistance for a Year (STAY)

Financial assistance is provided to students who participate in at least one year of Dual Enrollment or receive articulated credit upon entry into Southwest. High School students who enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program during their senior year and enroll at Southwest directly after high school may be eligible for the STAY Program if they attained a "C" or better for each course attempted at Southwest. To qualify, they must submit an online application and complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by May 1. STAY covers the cost of any remaining tuition and approved fees, plus semester book allowance, after all federal and state financial aid is awarded. For continued financial support, a student must maintain a 2.5 Grade Point Average (GPA).

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