Tennessee Promise

On-Campus Parking Areas

On-campus parking areas are designated in the following manner:

Note: Temporary placards may be issued to persons who are temporarily disabled by non-ambulatory or semi-ambulatory conditions due to surgery, bone fracture, or similar condition, and whose temporary disabling condition and the estimated duration of such condition is noted on the physician's statement.

Prohibited Parking

Parking is prohibited in the following areas:

Parking Area Colors

Parking areas on campus are color coordinated (coded). Failure to comply with parking regulations will result in a parking fine being applied to your Southwest account. The color parking codes are as follows:

Student parking. Parking passes(decals) are required and can be obtained from Police Services/Public Safety.
Faculty and employee parking only. Violation will result in a parking fine.
Visitor parking only. Violations by students will result in a parking fine.
Handicapped or Disabled parking only. Parking is permitted with a valid Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) license plate or placard and a displayed valid campus permit (either daily or decal). Handicap parking follows Tennessee state regulation and will be enforced accordingly.

The inability to locate a legal parking space in an approved area is not justification for improper parking.