Testing welcomes you to explore our services! We provide a variety of services to assist our students and the community. Testing offers many state and national tests plus proctoring services for various types of tests. You can access a complete list of the tests and services we offer by viewing the Schedule a Test/Exam page.

The mission of the Testing Center is to provide high quality academic testing services that observe nationally recognized, professional testing standards, in order to meet the growing needs of our students, faculty, administration and community. The Testing Department is part of Retention and Student Success, located within the Student Affairs Division of Southwest.

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Southwest's Testing:

  • Offers collaborative and courteous customer service to students, faculty, staff and the community
  • Complies to the regulations and guidelines established by the National College Testing Association (NCTA), test vendors and internal and external faculty
  • Maintains the highest compliance with institutional, state and federal regulations regarding the confidentiality of examinee information and records
  • Focuses on maintaining high standards of academic integrity while cautiously safeguarding the intellectual property of tests
  • Provides a facility conducive to a quality testing environment which is clean, comfortable, quiet, and user-friendly.

Southwest's Testing is a member of the National College Testing Association (NCTA) (opens new window).