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Certified Professional Secretary (CPS)/Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) Examination

The Certified Professional Secretary (CPS) /Certified Administrative Professional (CAP) examination rating is the achievement of internationally recognized standards of proficiency as a professional secretary. It is obtained by passing a four part, one and one-half day examination. The examination is based on the premise that a competent secretary should know how to apply the principles of good human relations and have basic knowledge of finance, economics, business law, communications, and management. The CPS/CAP Examinations are given the first Friday and Saturday in May and November of each year.

CPS/CAP Examination Dates
Date/Day Time Location
May 3 (Saturday) 7 a.m. Macon Cove Campus, Farris Building, Meeting Rooms A, B, and C

Those eligible to apply for CPS/CAP Examination candidacy are:

For additional information concerning this examination, please visit the International Association of Administration Professionals (IAAP) website.