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General Educational Development (GED) Test

The Southwest Tennessee Community College Macon Cove Campus Testing Center offers the computer based GED® 2014 Series. The test is offered in English and Spanish in all United States jurisdictions. The GED® 2014 Series has four content areas:

GED® 2014 Series
Content Area Module Length Module Fee
Mathematical Reasoning 115 minutes $30*
Reasoning through Language Arts 150 minutes $30*
Science 90 minutes $30*
Social Studies 75 minutes $30*

*Fee per module may vary based on jurisdiction.

Official Practice Test (OPT's) are required prior to testing. Test takers need to contact HopeWorks (opens new window) at 901-272-3700 or Collierville Literacy Council (opens new window) at 901-854-0288 to schedule Official Practice Test dates before registering for the actual GED® 2014 Series test. The completed Practice Test Verification form must be submitted to the Testing Center the day of the exam.

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GED Testing Service Requirements

Only persons who do not hold a standard high school diploma from the United States are eligible to take the GED® test.

Under no circumstance may the GED® test be administered to persons less than 16 years of age.

The following requirements apply to test takers testing within the United States and Canada:

  • Individuals shall be at least 16 years of age and not currently enrolled in an accredited high school, including those accredited by regional accrediting bodies and also those approved by the jurisdiction's department or ministry of education.
  • Jurisdictions shall administer the GED® test to any qualified adult in accordance with jurisdictional rules, regulations, or code.
  • Persons who have been awarded a high school equivalency diploma or other non-standard high school diploma are ineligible to take the GED® test unless permission is granted by the jurisdiction.
  • Individuals shall be at least 17 years of age.

Days Offered: Mondays only

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How To Register

Test takers can register to take the GED® test using one of two methods:

  1. Calling 877-392-6433.
  2. Visiting the GED® Testing Service website and register through the MyGED portal.

Payment options are credit card, voucher and debit cards.

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Retake Policy

Students are allowed to retake modules within the GED® test before completing all four modules. There is no waiting period.

Identification Requirements

Test takers are required to provide one valid form of identification. The ID must be government-issued and non-expired. It must also include the test-taker’s name, address, date of birth, signature, and photograph. GED® Testing Service accepts the following primary forms of Identification (ID):

  • Passport
  • Driver's License
  • Learner's Permit
  • National/State/Country Identification Card
  • Any other form of government-issued ID (national or foreign), including Matricula Consular

If the test taker does not provide the proper IDs, the test taker will not be allowed to test.

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Late Arrivals and No-Shows

Test takers who are no-shows lose the ability to test at the scheduled time and forfeit the testing fee. Test takers can reschedule following the policy for reschedules, which is two business days prior to the appointment.

Note: Later arrivals have a 15 minute grace period. After the 15 minutes, testing is based on the test site's ability to accommodate.

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Test takers can request the accommodations listed below:

  • Adjustable contrast
  • Adjustable front
  • Reader
  • Recorder
  • Hand-held calculator
  • Talking calculator
  • Paper and pencil administration
  • Restroom
  • Screen magnifier
  • Screen overlay
  • Water bottle
  • Private Room
  • Separate room and may move
  • Separate room and read aloud
  • Unscheduled breaks
  • Extra time (5 minutes)
  • Extra time (10 minutes)
  • Double Time
  • Time and a half
  • Time and quarter
  • Double time
  • 30 minutes
  • 45 minutes
  • One hour
  • Equipment
  • Extra breaks: 5-minute break at 30 minutes
  • Extra breaks: 10-minute break at 45 minutes

In order to apply for accommodations, test takers should visit the the GED® Testing Service website and create an account via the GED® Test registration system. Complete the GED® Testing Service Registration Form and state/jurisdiction form. On the GED® Testing Service Registration Form test takers should indicate their interest in applying for accommodations by selecting yes on the question that asks about testing modifications based upon a documented disability or disorder. Once these registration forms are completed, test takers will receive an email (email used in registration process) that provides a link to the accommodation forms, guidelines, and directions for where to submit the request documentation.

GED® Testing Service will review all accommodation requests within 30 days once received and correspond with test takers via email once a decision has been made. Test takers will be able to discuss their request with a GED® Accommodations Coordinator if they have any questions or if more information is needed for further review. If a test taker is approved for accommodations, the Pearson VUE Accommodations Scheduling Team will contact the test taker and schedule the accommodated test.

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Approved Calculator

You can use a handheld TI-30XS Multiview Scientific Calculator on the Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies test subjects. If you want to use this handheld calculator, you must bring it on test day. If you do not have a TI-30XS, there is an embedded calculator within the exam for your use. Testing centers will not have handheld calculators for you to use.

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