Tennessee Promise

Macon Cove Campus-One Mile Walking Trail

  1. Start at the clock located in front of the Fulton Building
  2. Walk South toward the Bert Bornblum Library
  3. Take the road between the library and pond
  4. Turn onto the one way road headed East
  5. Follow the road around the pond to the Physical Plant entrance
  6. Turn left into the Physical Plant parking lot
  7. Walk toward the Child Care Center, exiting the Physical Plant parking lot on Resource Drive
  8. Head North on Resource Drive passing the Child Care Center and new campus entrance
  9. Continue heading North to the road that runs in front of the Fulton Building parking area
  10. Turn West and head back to the clock in front of Fulton Building

Questions about the healthy employee wellness program or walking trail can be directed to Cheryl Green by email or call 901-333-4134.