Biotechnology Technician Forensic Science Technician AAS

Academic Map

Academic Roadmap


Course Notes Credits mc
BIOT 1010
Intro to BiotechnologySuccessive Courses
 Co-req: BIOL 1110 or permission of Department  4 Milestone Course
BIOL 1110
General BiologySuccessive Courses
MATH 1530
Intro to StatisticsSuccessive Courses
CRMJ 1010
Intro to Criminal Justice
   3 Milestone Course
Semester Credits    14  


Course Notes Credits mc

BIOT 1610
Intro to
Forensic Science Tech

Successive Courses
Prereq: BIOT 1010
BIOL: 1110, MATH 1530
4 Milestone Course
BIOT 2410 
Biotechnology Techniques ISuccessive Courses
BIOT 1010
BIOL 1230
4 Milestone Course
ENGL 1010 
English Comp I
CHEM 1110 General Chemistry ISuccessive Courses  Prereq: CHEM 1010, MATH 1710
or MATH 1740
BIOT 1050
Critical Thinking
  2 Milestone Course
Semester Credits   17  


Course Notes Credits mc
 BIOT 2610
Science Techniques ISuccessive Courses
 Prereq: BIOT 1610  4 Milestone Course
 CHEM 1120
General Chemistry IISuccessive Courses
 Prereq: CHEM 1110  4
PSYC 1030
General Psychology
CRMJ 1340
Criminal Investigations
   3 Milestone Course
Semester Credits    14  


Course Notes Credits mc
 BIOT 2650
Forensic Science InternshipSuccessive Courses
 Prereq: BIOT 1610 & BIOT 2610 4 Milestone Course
 BIOT 2620 
Science Techniques IISuccessive Courses
 Prereq: BIOT 2610 4
BIOT 2470
Computer Apps in BiotechSuccessive Courses
 Prereq: BIOT 1010 4
ETHC 2030   3
Semester Credits   15  


To stay on track, these courses must be taken in order.




General Advising Notes

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Consult the academic map index for a list of previous maps. 


This program is not designed to transfer.

General Advising Notes

 Students need to apply for Special Admission after the first semester.

Application deadlines are Nov 1 for spring admission and April 15 for fall admission.

In order to graduate, students must earn C or better in all BIOT courses.

ENGL1010 and ENGL 0810
ACAD 1100 and READ 0810
MATH 1530 and MATH 0530

Milestone Courses

Based on prior students’ experience, students who do well in these courses are more likely to graduate on time in this program.

BIOT1010, CRMJ1010, BIOT1610,
BIOT1050, BIOT2410, BIOT2610,

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