Adjuncts Best Practices

Early Alerts

Early Alerts should be submitted anytime students are at-risk, especially academically, and especially during the first 5 weeks of the semester.

Excessive absences, especially in the first two weeks of classes, should be reported through the Early Alerts system in AdvisorTrac. Faculty are highly encouraged to meet with the student in person or via email to address the issue. If the student is non-responsive regarding a meeting with the faculty member, an Early Alert needs to be submitted immediately. Financial Aid will not pay in the case of chronic absences/non-attendance, so those who miss an excessive number of classes in the first two weeks will be dropped from the courses for which non-attendance is evident.

Faculty should assess students early and often (i.e. at least one major exam/test should be administered the 4th – 5th week of the semester coupled with weekly or bi-weekly quizzes or other assessments) for the purpose of offering students a true look into their academic progress by the 5th-6th week of the semester.

Notes should be entered into Early Alert/EAB System (through Faculty Self Service) to ensure that the Early Alerts Interventionist and other Retention & Student Success team members have a context for the situation prior to making contact with the student.