Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

This list of frequently asked questions is a collection of inquiries expressed by students to the Academic Support Center (ASC).

How do I get a tutor to help me?

You may consult the schedule and make an appointment in TutorTrac (opens new window). You may also call the ASC and ask if a tutor will be available in the subject where you need help. Tutors for specific subjects may only be available at certain times. See our website for various locations and phone numbers.

Is there any charge for tutoring at the ASC?

No. All tutoring services are free to currently enrolled students at Southwest.

I am taking courses at another college, but I am also a Southwest student. Can I receive tutoring in courses I am taking at another college?

No. ASC tutors only provide tutoring in Southwest courses. However, if you are taking a TN eCampus course and Southwest is your designated home institution, you may receive tutoring help for the TN eCampus course.

Announcement: The Regents Online Degree Program (RODP) and Regents Online Campus Collaborative (ROCC) are now known as TN eCampus (opens new window).

What type of help can I expect to get from tutors?

You can receive specific help on assignments in your courses and general help in how to study for a particular subject, how to take a test, or more specifically, help to solve a particular type of problem.

Are tutors the same as teachers?

No. Tutors are here to help you review and work through trouble spots. They can clarify and solidify your understanding of the concepts you learned in class or material presented in your textbook, but they are not teachers. Tutoring cannot make up for excessive class absences.

What will a tutor not do for me?

Tutors will not do your homework, class projects or take home tests.

Will I have to wait for a tutor, and can tutors help me as long as I need them?

The number of tutors is limited and you may have to wait if there are many students needing help. Tutors must limit the amount of time they can spend with each student so that everyone can receive assistance. Appointments can be made through TutorTrac (opens new window).

How should I prepare for a tutoring session?

Come to your tutoring sessions with a positive attitude and be prepared to actively participate. Bring all relevant materials such as textbooks, assignments, and notes. To get the maximum benefit from your tutoring session, study your textbook and class notes thoroughly and attempt assigned problems before seeking tutoring help. You should also have specific questions in mind to ask the tutor.

Why does the tutor ask me questions?

By asking you questions, the tutor is able to determine areas where you need help and to make sure you understand what they are telling you.

What should I do if I don't feel the tutor is helping me or the tutoring session is not going well?

Communicate with your tutor and let them know they are going too fast or too slow. Ask them to explain the material a different way. Don't be afraid to say, "I still don't get it, can we try again?" If you continue to have difficulty, you may request another tutor if one is available.

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