Follett Bookstore Refund and Buy Back Policies


To receive a refund for your book, customers must have the book’s purchase receipt with barcode and the books must be in the same shape they were purchased.

Full refunds are available, with receipt and textbooks in the same condition as purchased, up to seven days after the published start of classes. For short summer semesters, refunds are available with receipt up to 48 hours from the date of purchase for books in original condition.

Remember No Receipt = No Return

Cash for Books

Buyback is the process through which students sell back to the bookstore textbooks they purchased for use in their courses. The price offered for books varies by market demand, with 50 percent of the current retail price being the highest for titles that will be used the following term, up to the buyback need or "target" quantity. Books that will not be used on campus, but have value nationally, are bought back at the wholesale price. Some books have little or no market value and are not bought back. These include titles for which there is insufficient demand nationally to warrant purchasing them, books in poor condition, and books that are--or are going-- out of print. Textbooks, like fruit, are perishable: they have a shelf life. Aging editions--editions that have been around awhile--command less and less as their revision date approaches. When a new edition is released, the old edition loses its market value.

For additional information regarding refunds and buy back contact the Follett Bookstore.

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