Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Book Allowance are listed below.

What is a book allowance?

A book allowance is an advancement charged against your financial aid refund that allows you to purchase books and other supplies. The book allowance amount will be deducted from your excess financial aid. This allowance is advanced through Southwest funds NOT Federal Grant funds.

Who is eligible to receive a book allowance?

To be eligible for a book allowance, a student must have been awarded financial aid; however, these funds have not been disbursed for the academic term.

Who receives a book allowance?

The student whose accepted financial aid for the term exceeds the semester's tuition and fee charges will receive a book allowance. The maximum book allowance amount is $500 per term.

How much is a student's book allowance each semester?

The amount of the book allowance varies depending on a student's enrollment (hours) and the amount of financial aid he or she will receive for the term. The amount of the book allowance is calculated using a formula with $500 being the maximum amount advanced per student.

When is my book allowance available?

The availability of the book allowance depends on a student being awarded financial aid prior to the beginning of each term. Check the book allowance page for additional information.

Students who apply for financial aid during registration will not receive a book allowance until the Financial Aid Office has reviewed and awarded their aid for the term.

If I am still due money after receiving a book allowance, when will these funds be made available to me?

Any remaining Pell Grant funds due a student in excess of the book allowance will be made available after class attendance has been verified for the first two weeks of the term. The remaining amount will be disbursed in the form of a check. Check the grant refunds page for additional information.

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