Developing A Curriculum (DACUM)

Southwest is certified to offer DACUM assessment and training services. DACUM, an acronym for Developing A Curriculum, is a foundation for organizational structure and development. DACUM is an occupational analysis process that taps the expertise of skilled workers to determine what duties, tasks, knowledge, skills, standards, tools and attitudes are required to perform a specific job. The use of the DACUM analysis benefits both employers and employees.

Through brainstorming, questioning, discussions and content quality reviews, DACUM captures each job in sufficient detail so that training, organizational restructuring, employee recruitment, and career planning models can be devised, then updated as technological developments and market conditions require. Major manufacturing and service corporations, public educational systems, and governmental agencies nationally and internationally have successfully applied DACUM to their organizations. Features include:

  • Business driven training and curriculum
  • Industry input defines what employees must know in order to be successful in the workplace.
  • Current expertise of incumbent workers and supervisors is captured and utilized for future training and recruitment.

For more information, please contact Amy Shead at 901-333-6456.