Defensive Driving Information

Up to 85 percent of all traffic accidents are due to human error, but you can learn how to prevent most types of traffic accidents, from nicks and bumps to fatal crashes, regardless of road conditions and the actions of others.

Our Defensive Driving Course is approved by the National Safety Council and offered in Memphis and the surrounding areas. These courses will teach you a better way to drive through a program that is clear-cut and memorable.

We have four (4) hour and eight (8) hour on-campus classes and a (4) four-hour online course, depending on your needs. See schedules and costs for each type below.

Defensive Driving Courses 

Eight (8) Hour On-Campus Course

This course gives individuals the opportunity to observe bad driving habits and then learn the correct driving methods. The eight (8) hour course is offered to drivers who have been referred by the Tennessee Department of Safety Driver Improvement and have the option of attending a defensive driving course in lieu of suspension of driving privileges.

The course consists of safe driving videos, lectures, and a written test on Tennessee road rules and signs. It is designed to improve your driving performance by decreasing driving errors. It will also increase your knowledge of traffic laws and regulations, and help you develop a greater sense of driving responsibility.


Payment is due at registration. All classes will be held at the Macon Cove Campus.

Four (4) Hour On-Campus Class 

Certified instructors will teach you how to improve your driving ability in only four (4) hours of classroom instructions. If you have been referred to attend a Defensive Driving Course by the Municipal Court of Memphis, Shelby County, or the State of Tennessee, our course meets the requirements set forth by the courts.


Payment is due at registration. All classes will be held at the Macon Cove Campus.

Registration for On-Campus Courses

You must register before attending class. Walk-in registration hours are Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. You may also register online any time before the class begins.

Four (4) Hour Online Defensive Driving 

This course is for the sole use of traffic violators of Memphis/Shelby County who have been court ordered to complete this online Defensive Driving Course. This course is available for juveniles and adults in both English and Spanish languages. 

Registration for Online Course

Online: Register on our secure website

Alive at 25 Course

Alive at 25 is a highly interactive course that helps young adults under the age of 25 take greater responsibility for their driving by focusing on behavior, judgment, and decision making. These courses are offered at participating local area high schools and the Macon Cove Campus. Courses at the Macon Cove Campus are hosted in the Fulton Building, Room 218.

Registration for Alive at 24 Courses

Refund Policy

There are no refunds for Defensive Driving, but your registration fee can be applied to a future section, if you notify the office at least two (2) business days prior to the class for which you registered. Only one transfer will be allowed per student, after which, the student must re-register and pay in full.

Accommodations and Items to Bring for On-Campus Courses

ADA accommodations will be made for students with disabilities. Please call 901-333-4207 with specific information at least one week before course begins.

You must bring a pencil and a photo ID to class. Be on time, doors are locked when the class begins.


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