Deferred payment deadline extended

By Suzanne Gibson and Sandra Wallace
March 25, 2020

Due to recent circumstances with the COVID-19 outbreak, the deadline for deferred payment plans has been extended to April 15. Campus buildings are now closed; payments must be made online.

Payments can be made with any major debit or credit card including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Check payments are also accepted online.

Instructions for online payments:

  • Sign in to your My.Southwest portal and select:
  • “Registration/Online Services”
  • “Student Account”
  • “Make a Payment”
  • “Login” if prompted
  • Select “Open Online Bill Pay”; this will take you to Touchnet
  • “Open Bill Pay”
  • Select the correct term you would like to pay.  

Information regarding deferred payment plans

Southwest offers deferred payment to eligible students. The plan allows students to make an initial payment of one-half their fees when they enroll, and defer the balance due until later in the semester. Students enrolled in Regents Online Degree Program courses are also eligible to participate in this plan.

To be eligible, students must enroll in three or more credit hours. Students will be required to pay 50 percent of tuition costs and other associated fees/charges at the time of registration. The remainder of the charges will be paid in two (2) installments. See Payment Options.

Students must be in good financial standing at the College, sign a deferred payment contract and pay a $10 non-refundable service fee to participate in the program. All financial aid awarded to a participating student, including loans, scholarships, third-party assistance and/or discounts, must be applied to the payment of total fees due before the amount of the charges to be deferred is determined.

A $25 late fee will be assessed on each installment which is not paid on or before the due date. Withdrawals from classes will not alter the remaining balance due, except to the extent that any refund may be applied.

Students enrolled in the deferred payment plan are subject to the same refund policy and percentages. Any remaining balance after refunding must be paid by the student.
The deferred payment plan is available for the fall and spring semesters only. Summer terms are not eligible for deferred payment plans.


Contact the Cashier’s Office at: or 901-333-5292.

FAQs: Student Payments Online

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