Accreditation Committee

SACSCOC Leadership Committee
Dr. Tracy D Hall President
Interim VPAA
Academic Affairs
Selena Y. Grimes Executive Director Planning and Administrative Services
Mr. Carlos D. Smith Director Institutional Effectiveness
QEP Leader
Mrs. Jacqueline Faulkner Vice President Student Affairs
Mr. Michael Neal Interim Vice President Business Affairs
Mr. Jeremy Burnett Dean,  Faculty Support Academic Affairs
Dr. Robin Cole Dean, Business & Technology Academic Affairs
Dr. Evan McHugh Dean, Natural & Health Sciences Academic Affairs
Dr. LaDonna Young Dean, Humanities, Social Sciences, & Mathematics Academic Affairs
Dr. Anita Bracken VP, Workforce Development Academic Affairs
Monika Johnson Special Assistant, President Institutional
Mrs. Cynthia Abide Special Assistant , VPAA Academic Affairs

Accreditation Contact

Selena Y. Grimes
Executive Director, Planning and Administrative Services