Institutional Research: Data Requests

The Office of Institutional Research supports data request needs from both internal and external customers. Internal customers include faculty, staff, and administration at Southwest Tennessee Community College. External customers include governing bodies, accreditors, and approved public data and institutional research requests.

The average request response time is between five to seven business days. More complex requests may take ten or more business days. Only emergency requests may be resolved in one to two business days and must be approved by upper management.

Quick Ticket Data Requests

Faculty, student, and staff data requests must be submitted through the quick ticket request system. Data requests involving human subject research must be approved by the Southwest Tennessee Community College Institutional Review Board prior to submission of the request. The links menu provides a link to the quick ticket system by selecting Data Requests.

Public Records Request

Public records requests policies are governed by the Tennessee Board of Regents public records policies. Public records requests must use the following form and be emailed to the public records coordinator.