Graduation and Commencement Information

Please note, it is the responsibility of each student, along with your advisor, to ensure all necessary requirements have been met for degree or certificate completion. Please closely review all Graduation information before submitting an Application for Graduation form.

Commencement - 2018

Plans for the upcoming 2018 Commencement activities are to be announced (TBA).


You will receive notification via Southwest email and personal email of the dates for diploma pick-up. Please make sure your personal email and phone number are current in the Records Office.

Applying For Graduation

Students planning to graduate should follow the steps outlined below:

  • Meet with their academic advisor.
  • Check for 2.0 or higher GPA on all institutional college level courses.
  • Complete Application for Graduation form with a faculty advisor.
  • Schedule missing course requirements to be completed during the perceived final semester.
  • Schedule and complete any required graduate exit exam(s).
  • Submit the completed Application for Graduation form and degree/certificate audit to the Records Department by the dates below which correspond to the semester you are wanting to graduate.
    • Summer: July 1
    • Fall: November 1
    • Spring: April 1

If you have questions regarding the Application for Graduation, email Barbara Wells at or call 901-333-4259.