Humanities, Social Sciences and Math

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Mathematics

Humanities, Social Sciences, and Mathematics

Explore life through literature, language, the arts and problem solving. The Humanities, Social Sciences and Math division offers five academic areas that focus on general education and teaching critical thinking and an appreciation of culture. You can find more about their degree and certificate programs in the Academic Catalog and exploring the information below.

This department offers degrees preparing graduates for careers in the graphic arts and communications industries. It also offers several degrees that can transfer to four-year schools to earn bachelor’s degrees in communications or the arts. 

The Languages and Literature department offers courses for academic and personal enrichment and career advancement. Studies include modern languages, literature, film, creative writing, and learning support.

The Mathematics department teaches the math skills required for career and transfer programs. The department also provides courses that fulfill the general education requirements for all Southwest degree programs.

The Social and Behavioral Sciences department offers courses in the social and behavioral sciences and humanities that fulfill general education requirements. These classes enhance students' social and cultural development. The department also offers transfer degrees in history, political science, social work, sociology, philosophy, psychology, public administration, and health and physical education.


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