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About Southwest Tennessee Community College

About Southwest

Our Values

We strive for academic excellence and success for every student. We believe in the uniqueness and worth of each individual. And we encourage every student to be a responsible learner.

We believe the best learning occurs in a culturally rich environment. We work to ensure equal access to all students regardless of race, color, age, gender identity, disability or socio-economic background.

We are dedicated to providing personalized instruction through hands-on and online learning. We respect academic freedom and strive to always act in an ethical and professional manner. We involve the community in our plans and programs and work to continuously improve everything we do.

As a college community, the faculty and staff of Southwest Tennessee Community College are committed to the following values as guides for their professional practice:

  • Learning
  • Student success
  • Academic excellence
  • The uniqueness and worth of each individual
  • Dedicated faculty and staff
  • Responsible learners
  • Diversity
  • Personalized instruction and hands-on learning
  • Open communication, teamwork and participatory management
  • Academic freedom
  • Ethical and professional behavior
  • Community involvement
  • Continuous improvement


Southwest Tennessee Community College

Our Leadership

Dr. Tracy D. Hall

Dr. Tracy D. Hall

Welcome Message from the President of Southwest Tennessee Community College

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Our Mission

At Southwest Tennessee Community College, community is our middle name. As a teaching and learning college, our students pursue associate degrees and technical certificates and engage in workforce development training to prepare them for the demands of an evolving marketplace. Our ability to change and adapt to uplift our students and serve our community makes us unique. At Southwest, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity.

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Our Advantages

Southwest offers many advantages to our diverse student body, including:

  • Experienced faculty in every discipline
  • Small classes
  • Convenient admission dates and registration
  • Early enrollment for current students
  • Broad range of degree and certificate programs
  • Honors Program
  • Strong academic studies program
  • Varied non-credit, continuing education courses
  • Extensive Digital Learning program
  • Affordable tuition – about half the cost of the average state university
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