Women of Worth (WOW)

The primary purpose of this organization is to empower positive change in the lives of women by providing them the opportunity to learn and know they can strive toward greatness in their personal and professional lives. WOW plans to provide opportunities for women to gain knowledge that will help them beyond life at Southwest.

Valetta Brinson email: vrbrinson@southwest.tn.edu
Tamera Boyland email: thines1@southwest.tn.edu
Lamecia Freeman email: lgoode@southwest.tn.edu

  • New and returning Southwest students
  • Commitment to attend WOW meetings and events


Remember to check Student Events Calendar for additional WOW related events.

Lamecia Freeman, 901-333-6047, lgoode@southwest.tn.edu

Valetta Brinson, 901-333-4535, vrbrinson@southwest.tn.edu


Tamera Boyland, 901-333-5380, thines1@southwest.tn.edu



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