Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology

Electronic Technology

Interested in learning to solder for electronic repair and earning college credit? Check out ETEC 2302.

The Electronic Technology Curriculum is a two-year college level career program leading to an Associate of Applied Science Degree. The program prepares students to enter directly into the job market as Electronics Repair Technicians.

The student gains skills and knowledge to repair and maintain a variety of electronic equipment including:

  • Communications Equipment (two-way radios, cellular phone and satellite equipment.)
  • Computers and Peripherals (computers, monitors, printers, and copiers)
  • Industrial Related Equipment (manufacturing controls and robotics)
  • Audio and Visual Related Equipment (audio amplifiers, televisions, public address equipment and recording equipment)

Degrees and Certificate Information

Electronic Technology, A.A.S. Academic Map

Basic Electronics Technician Certificate Academic Map

Course Information

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Electronics at Southwest


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