The Student Emergency Fund was created to assist Southwest Tennessee Community College (Southwest) students who encounter an unforeseen financial emergency or catastrophic event which would otherwise prevent them from continuing their education at Southwest. These funds are not intended to be used for routine expenses or as a consistent supplement to a student's education funding sources. Requests must be urgent in nature. Because of the emerging nature of the pandemic, the student emergency fund will be reserved for items that are necessary for basic subsistence and the College will search for other ways to aid with tuition and books during this period.  It is our goal to help as many students as quickly as possible.  Students may receive assistance with  housing, transportation, utilities, medical expenses, minor car repairs, internet support for classes etc. that prevent a student from attending class.  Students may still not receive cash payments.  Students will not receive funding for child support payments, furniture payments, credit card payments or regular routine expenses.

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Consideration will only be given to applicants that have experienced an unforeseen financial emergency and/or catastrophic event. Examples include: 

  • Significant uncovered medical expenses related to self, spouse, or child
  • Loss of housing due to natural disaster, fire, etc.
  • Assistance with rent or utilities
  • Technology Assistance—i.e. wifi card—must be to aid with school

To be eligible for consideration a student must: 

  • Have already completed at least 12 credits at Southwest.
  • Be registered for at least 6 credits in the semester when the emergency funds would be applied. 
  • This funding may only be available during the semester the student is enrolled, and if the emergency occurs during the semester of application. 
  • Be able to demonstrate his/her current financial need with supporting documentation. Explain the need.
  • Have a minimum 2.0 GPA and 50% credit completion rate and be in good standing. 
  • Funds awarded through the Student Emergency Fund are not loans and do not require repayment. 

The Federal Release Efforts for COVID 19 will be releasing a large number of federal and state funds, however we recognize some of this funding may be delayed.  Nonetheless, we will serve as many students as possible with our limited funding.  Students must provide documentation of:

  1. Proof of Layoffs or furloughs can be done through email or the daily closure list. 
  2. Proof of unemployment filing if applicable
  3. Proof of TN Department of Human Services Emergency Cash Assistance filing if applicable.
  4. Vendor Application Form for vendors not currently set up with STCC.

The Student Emergency Fund will award up to a maximum of $500 per student. Students may not receive more than one award in an academic year. 

  • Student completes the Request for Student Emergency Fund application.
    • Student Information and Student Financial Information sections are to be completed by the student. 
    • The student must sign the form.
    • Attach a copy of bills that need to be paid.
  • Foundation Office attaches copy of student's Southwest transcript and Financial Aid screens along with application to be reviewed.
  • Committee convened by Vice President for Institutional Advancement or her/his representative; Committee may meet by email, phone or in person.  Committee reviews and makes decision.
  • Vice President for Institutional Advancement or her/his representative notifies student of committee's decision via their Southwest email.
  • Assistance will be provided in the form of a check as direct payment to a service provider, retailer, etc. In no case will a direct payment be made to a student.
  • Students must sign a letter of understanding which will remain on file at the Foundation Office.

The Committee will make every effort to review and respond to requests within five (5) business days from the date the application is received by the Foundation Office. 

The Committee will consist of:

  1. Chief Strategy Officer/Chief of Staff
  2. Executive Director of Financial Aid or her/his representative 
  3. Executive Director of Human Resources or her/his representative
  4. Director, Student Development 
  5. Selected Staff Member from Southwest (this position will be rotated yearly). 




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