Call for Submissions

We welcome and encourage submissions from Southwest students, faculty, staff, and friends of the College in the genres of poetry, short fiction, creative non-fiction, photography, and other artwork. The deadline for submissions each year is May 15, but we strongly encourage submissions throughout the year. The journal is published in the fall semester.

Poetry, Short Fiction, and Creative Non-fiction

Submissions in poetry (recommended max. 500 words), short fiction (recommended 500-word minimum), and creative essay (350-2500 words) should have the author’s name omitted to ensure that works are selected anonymously for publication, so that the selection process is based on content, originality, writing/graphic technique, and interest to the magazine’s audience. For all submissions, please us 12-point Courier or Times New Roman font. Please double-space (do not enter “hard returns”). Proofread your work carefully; submitted work that is error-free will receive early favorable consideration.


Please include on the submission form specifications such as media, process, etc. (i.e., “digital print from 35mm film”). Preference may be given to artwork that includes this information.

In order to complete a submission to Hieroglyph, please fill out of the form below.


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