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State Technical Institute at Memphis and Shelby State Community College consolidated in 2000; as a result, the InfoNet Library came into existence.


We maintain (5) facilities for student, faculty, and staff use: (2) campus locations: Bert Bornblum Library and Jess Parrish Library and (3) Centers: Gill Library, Maxine Smith Library, and Whitehaven Center Library.
Our hours are flexible to meet our customers’ needs during the regular semester with traditional and virtual services. Our website averages 135,000+ visits annually, opening doors to numerous print and electronic items onsite and remotely.

Our staff consists of dedicated individuals possessing the customer service and technical skills necessary to assist customers on how to access and use our vast resources effectively. The librarians have advanced degrees from ALA-accredited institutions and work closely with faculty to solicit recommendations and suggestions to support their curriculum needs and maintain a balanced collection. Partnerships exist with area colleges with privileges to borrow or use resources on site. Some of our services include intra-campus transports of requested items for checkout, maintaining selected reserve textbooks for onsite use, provide library instruction sessions (traditional and online), embedded librarian support in all online courses, and more.

We will continue to embrace technology and develop new practices to remain relevant while practicing our traditional purpose of providing an environment conducive to learning.

The Collection Development Policy provides guidelines to support the library's responsibilities to the College’s students, faculty, and our community in building and promoting its collection. The five facets of the policy cover the acquisition of materials, selection of materials, connecting users to the collection, accessibility of the collection, and the adaptability of the library. 
Acquisition – The library acquires and provides equitable access to items of the most use to our students, faculty, and community. The librarian selects materials for the library to support the College’s programs based a careful study of the curricula and recommendations of faculty and students. The purpose of the library collection is to supplement the textbook rather than duplicate it, so the librarian looks for materials that allow students and faculty further study of subjects covered in class. Acquisition is an on-going process and input from faculty is always welcomed. 
Selection – The library acquires items to meet the interests and informational needs of our students, faculty, and community. This process includes an ongoing assessment of our clientele, analysis of usage statistics, and demographic projections. The resulting collection consists primarily of materials to support the College’s programs of study and promote life-long learning, while a smaller portion of the collection consists of popular entertainment and leisure reading materials. 
Connection – The library gets information to the user through the organization, arrangement, and promotion of the collection. The records of items in the collection are accessible through the electronic catalog on the library’s webpage. Electronic sources can be accessed directly from the item records, while physical items are housed in the libraries at each of the College’s campuses. Users may check out circulating items at the libraries, or they may have the items transferred between libraries. Reference and reserved items are for in-library use only. Librarians promote the collection through student orientations, media releases, programs, and displays. 
Accessibility – The library’s collection and operations are designed to save the time users whether they study remotely or on campus. The physical collection is organized using the Library of Congress classification system and accessible during regular hours of operation. The webpage provides continual access to a wide array of professional databases. Reference service is available in-person at the campus libraries and online through the library’s webpage. Librarians also provide instruction in the use of library resources through in-person and prerecorded library orientations and information literacy classes. 
Adaptation – The library continues to grow to meet the needs of its users. Librarians constantly review and update policies and the collection to keep pace with the changing needs of the students and faculty. Procedures are updated to better streamline the experience of the user based on feedback from faculty and students. The collection is periodically weeded of obsolete materials and replaced with up-to-date materials to better align with the curricula. The library participates in resource sharing programs with other local and state libraries to expand resources. Librarians will also periodically update the arrangement of space and furnishings to accommodate users and better promote the use of the collection.

The mission of the Libraries of Southwest Tennessee Community College is to meet the information needs of our students and faculty by: 

  • developing relevant collections to support the curricula; 
  • providing equal access to the resources and the space to use and share information; and
  • promoting academic success and lifelong learning through information literacy.

Our facilities include the Bert Bornblum Library at the Macon Cove Campus, the Jess Parrish Library at the Union Campus, and small libraries at our centers. 

Our staff includes ALA accredited librarians ready to assist both students and faculty in-person and online. 

The library collections and policies reflect our desire to create an equitable, diverse, inclusive, and accessible educational environment both on campus and online.  

Some of our services include: 

  • Access to physical and electronic collections 
  • Inter-library loan 
  • Reservations for meeting and study rooms 
  • Access to selected reserve textbooks for on-site use  
  • Instruction in the use of libraries and information literacy 
  • Embedded librarians to support in online courses 
  • Reciprocal borrowing agreements with other area colleges and universities 


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  • Bert Bornblum Library (Macon Cove Campus)
  • 901-333-4706
  • Jess Parrish Library (Union Avenue Campus)
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  • Gill Center Library
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  • Maxine A. Smith Center Library
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  • Whitehaven Center Library
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