Southwest and Greater Memphis Chamber to Launch New Logistics Course in Tennessee

For more information, contact:
Diana Fedinec, Director Public Relations and Media
(901) 333-4247

The continuing education course debuts February 18 to meet emerging industry demands for a skilled workforce in Import/Export operations, logistics and documentation.

Logistics and supply chain management skills are in demand—now more than ever. Transportation, logistics, distribution and e-commerce are growing industry sectors in metro Memphis — 1 in 5 jobs are related to transportation and logistics and 15,000 jobs were added between 1998 and 2018.

Southwest Tennessee Community College and the Greater Memphis Chamber have partnered to offer a Global Business Development Import/Export Processes and Documentation course beginning February 18, a new continuing education course aimed at preparing students and professionals for advanced careers in logistics at companies specializing in delivering goods by land, sea, air and rail, all prominent industries in Memphis. 

According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, over $25 billion worth of goods came in and out of the Memphis region in 2017.   “We are pleased to partner with Southwest Tennessee Community College in offering this type of innovative program as it will prepare our professionals with an advanced, in-depth understanding and offer them real time insights.  This training will allow the individual an opportunity to not only contribute to their company, but advance in their field of expertise,” said Ernest Strickland, SVP, Workforce Development for the Greater Memphis Chamber.  “We hope that this is just the beginning for these types of programs.”

“We are proud to partner with the Chamber to offer this specialized course that could impact such national and international companies as FedEx, UPS, USPS, Amazon and more,” Southwest Associate Vice President for Workforce and Continuing Education Anita Brackin said.

Brackin says those who possess logistics skills have the potential to earn over $90,000 a year as managers. “Several major Memphis companies all require and benefit from individuals who are keenly skilled in logistics and this course will equip their employees and applicants with the most emergent knowledge in the field—from global supply chain management to security and compliance to dangerous goods handling and so much more,” Brackin said. 

Chamber Vice President of International Business Development Jinliang Cai and Global Logistics and Processes Course Facilitator Larry Forman met with representatives from FedEx, Mallory Alexander International Logistics, and Drexel Chemical to design the 12-week continuing education course.  Forman brings to the classroom more than 30 years of experience in complete supply chain solutions – specializing in transportation, global logistics, air and ocean freight forwarding and warehousing for such companies as Burlington Northern Air Freight, Danzas Express, SEKO Logistics, Expeditors, Superior Brokerage Services and Werner Enterprises at Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.  From automobiles to animals, Forman has moved cargo around the world. 

 “This is the perfect time to provide this course given the nation’s current change in trade policies and increased reliance on an internet marketplace that is dependent upon package delivery,” Forman said. “I look forward to sharing my expertise and experience with current logistics professionals and those looking to enter the profession with little or no knowledge of global trade and transportation.”

Prospective students may apply online beginning next month at or call (901) 333-5000 for more information.