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The Admissions staff is dedicated to serving our future, current and former students. We are committed to providing timely, accurate and efficient service. Our enrollment specialists are eager to guide you through the admissions process and prepare you for getting enrolled at Southwest.


Enrollment Specialists

Find your enrollment specialist on this chart using the first initial of your last name. Transfer, transient and dual enrollment students have separate enrollment specialists.

Staff Member Alphabet Caseload Phone Extension
Christopher Burns  (C,O,Q,R)  901-333-5866
Sonya Effinger   (A,H,MA,MD)   901-333-5328
Vacant (F,J,T)
Joseph Morris  (V,X,Y,Z)  901-308-7203 
Johnice Mottley   (I,S)   901-333-4782
Vacant (D,G,L)
Kelia Searcy  (All Transfer Students) 901-333-5771
Felecia Starnes  (B,P,Q) 901-333-4019
Elizabeth Weaver   (E,K,ME,MY) 901-333-5811
Vacant Dual Enrollment
Elinda Wilson   (N,U,W)   901-333-5111
Shannon Brown Visiting (transient) students 901-333-6468