Art Department

Arts Department

Arts Department

The arts department offers a variety of lecture and studio-based courses to STCC scholars. 

Faculty are dedicated to providing students with the tools necessary to create, critique, and build portfolios giving our students a competitive edge in the work-force through creative thinking and cultural competencies. Many courses also offer a range of *High-Impact Practices which have been proven to improve student success. Whether you're looking to earn general education credits, wanting to gain traction in the work-force by learning visual communication via graphic design, or just want to learn more about Memphis' rich art culture, we've got a course for you!  


Degree and Academic Map Information

University Parallel Associate of Arts (AA) Degree for Fine Arts: this program is designed to transfer 

Graphic Arts Technology, AASthis program is not designed to transfer 


Courses Offered

*Prerequisites: ENGL1010 and ENGL 0810, ACAD1100 and READ 0810, MATH1530 and MATH0530 

  • Art Electives 
  • ART1035 Introduction to Art
  • ART1045 Drawing I 
  • ART1050 Drawing II 
  • ART1150 Basic Photography 
  • ART1170 Creative Photography (Prereq: ART1150) 
  • ART1340 Foundations Studio I 
  • ART1350 Foundations Studio II 
  • ART1910 Painting ! 
  • ART1920 Painting II (Prereq: ART1910) 
  • *ART1045 Drawing I and ART1910 are offered Fall semester only  
  • *ART1350 Foundations Studio II, ART1179 Creative Photogrpahy, ART1050 Drawing II, and ART 920 Painting II are offered Spring Semester only 

This program is designed to prepare students for the print production industry. 
*Prereqs for GART2099: GART1060, GART1070, GART1080, and GART2040 

  • GART Electives 
  • GAR1200 Digital Photography  
  • GART2512 Publishing on the Internet 
  • GART2500 Intro to Multimedia 
  • GART2516 Video Editing I 
  • GART2520 3D Modeling 

You must take classes as indicated in the Fall and Spring semesters. If you do not it could lengthen the time to complete your degree by as much as a year. 
Milestone Courses: Based on prior students' experience, students who do well in these courses are more likely to graduate on time in this program. (ART1035 Humanities/Fine Arts Elective, Art Electives) 


Program Information

STCC art courses provide a study of the visual arts. Courses are designed to teach visual awareness and visual communication by examining and creating in a variety of styles from various time periods and cultures. Scholars have the opportunity to utilize innovative programs and technology, communicate what is most relevant in their lives, and learn how to navigate and work in the arts scene in Memphis and beyond!  
Have you considered taking your academic journey abroad? Some lecture and studio courses incorporate International Curriculum via Study Aboard! In the past, art courses have traveled to Japan, Greece, Poland, Rome, and more! For more info, check out our International Studies page: 
Many art courses offer *High-Impact Practices. A high-impact practice (HIP) is a pedagogical approach which requires an investment of time and energy over an extended period that has unusually positive effects on student engagement in educationally purposeful behavior (Kuh, 2010). High impact practices are evidence-based teaching and learning practices that have been widely tested and shown to be beneficial for college students (Kuh, 2008). Characteristics of high-impact activities include: setting appropriately high expectations of students; interaction with faculty and peers about substantive matters; experiences with diversity; frequent feedback; reflection and integrative learning; real-world applications; and demonstrated competence. 
HIPs Offered (Videos: outline the meaning and relevance of each HIP): Global Cultural Awareness, Study Abroad, Technology Enhanced Learning 

Global Cultural Awareness Badge

Global Cultural
Awareness Badge

Study Abroad Badge

Study Abroad


Technology Enhanced Learning Badge

Technology Enhanced
Learning Badge

  • Art/Drama/Music Teachers (Postsecondary): Typically Make $32.11/hr 
  • Elementary School Teachers, Except Special Ed: $24.75/hr 
  • Middle School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Ed: $24.90/hr 
  • Secondary School Teachers, Except Special and Career/Technical Ed: $26.50/hr 
  • Self-Enrichment Teachers: $17.78/hr 
  • Archivists: $25.21/hr 
  • Curators: $29.18/hr 
  • Museum Tech/Conservators: $21.27/hr 
  • Art Directors: $21.38/hr 
  • Craft Artists: $11.11/hr 
  • Fine Artists, Painters, Sculptors, Illustrators: $15.96/hr 
  • Special Effects Artists/Animators: $17.98/hr 
  • Commercial/Industrial Designers: $26.42/hr 
  • Graphic Designers: $22.56/hr 
  • Set/Exhibit Designers: $23.49/hr 
  • Photographers: $18.27/hr  

When choosing a career, It's important to know yourself, learn about options, and develop a plan to reach your goals. Whether you're trying to decide on a major, unclear about career options, or want to make a career change, Career Services can help. 

Register online or contact your academic advisor for assistance. 


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