About Digital Learning

Digital Learning means that the student and the instructor do not have to be at the same place at the same time in order for teaching and learning to occur. This type of learning provides students alternatives to traditional classroom schedules and is ideal for working adults, traveling employees, persons with disabilities, shift workers, those with course scheduling conflicts and many others. Through the use of technology, such as course videos and taking a class via a computer, Digital Learning allows students to work classes into their busy home and/or work schedules.

Southwest offers online [PAWS (hyperlink coming soon) and TN eCampus (hyperlink coming soon)], hybrid, and web assisted courses with Online Degrees and Certificates offered through Southwest (PAWS) and the TN eCampus Degree Program.

Online Programs Defined

  • PAWS – Southwest online courses
  • TN eCampus – online courses taught by the collaborative partnership among all Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) institutions
  • Hybrid – courses half on-ground and half online (PAWS)
  • Web Assisted – on-ground course that utilizes PAWS

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