Purchasing and Auxiliary Services


In the interest of public health, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, all locations of Southwest Tennessee Community College will be operating in an electronic environment beginning Monday, March 23. The physical facilities will be closed as of that day through the end of the term (early May). Deliveries received on or after March 23rd will be returned unless special arrangements have been made.

Future purchase orders are temporarily suspended. However, exceptions will be granted when proper justification is provided.  Justification should be provided on the electronic Saluqi Buy Purchase Requisition and will be considered for approval by the division leader.  Examples of justifiable requisitions are software maintenance renewals, purchases related to providing online education, emergency purchases, etc.

Contracts will be routed for signature in an electronic environment utilizing email and a requisition entered into Saluqi Buy/SciQuest for each contract, as is currently required. For more information see our contracts page.

Outstanding invoices will be paid according to payment terms no sooner than net 15 days. Outstanding invoices should be emailed to AP@Southwest.TN.edu. College officials responsible for approving invoices will do so in an electronic environment. For questions, please email Purchasing@Southwest.tn.edu.

Welcome to the Purchasing and Auxiliary Services department.

Purchasing and Auxiliary Services supports the college mission by purchasing quality products and services in the proper time from the approved sources at the most cost effective price and have them delivered in accordance to the prescribed schedule. In addition to purchasing activities, we are responsible for the operation of auxiliary services, which includes bookstore and food service operations.

All purchases must comply with the laws of the State of Tennessee and Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Purchasing Policy: 4:02:10:00 for the purchase of goods and services.

TBR Purchasing and Contract Guidelines

TBR Contract Guideline: G-030

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