Medical Device Finishing

Medical Device Finishing

Medical Device Finishing is a 13 week 4 credit course that focuses on basic technical skills for entry level finishers. Students learn how to apply surface treatments and acquire the skill of technical craftsmanship. In addition to earning a nationally recognized metalworking credential, students also qualify for potential employment with a number of growing medical device companies in the Memphis area. This program is part of the Department of Labor Grant Programs and the Technologies Department.

What will I learn in the program?

Students who complete the program will earn national credentials in metalworking and will take the Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) during the course of the Finishing program. Students will learn the fundamentals of metalworking, including basic math, measurement tool techniques, blueprint reading, and hands-on skill training with top-of-the-line medical device equipment.

How much could I earn?

According to the Greater Memphis Medical Device Council (GMMDC) the average median annual salary ranges from $30,340 to $48,000 per year.

How much does it cost to attend Southwest?

Qualifying students can participate tuition and fee-free. Eligible students must:

  • Meet Southwest’s basic enrollment requirements,
  • Have no outstanding bills with the college,
  • Have a high school diploma or general equivalency degree (GED),
  • Have proper identification and meet other criteria.

How long will the course take?

The medical device finishing program is 13 weeks. Students meet twice a week in the evening or morning for four hours, and Saturday (8 hours) on demand.

Why choose Medical Device Finishing for a career?

The medical device industry is experiencing exponential growth and is forecasted to continue for the foreseeable future. Finishing offers an entry-level skillset that can lead into other areas of quality and machining. This gives a student significant upward mobility and more earning power for the future.

What skills will I develop?

Students will acquire the following skills:

  • Professional finishing techniques
  • Blueprint reading
  • Measuring with calipers and micrometers
  • Exposure to great medical device companies
  • A distinct advantage in a growing segment of industry

How to Get Involved

Contact Belinda Looney to schedule an appointment today. Email Belinda Looney at or call 901-333-4162.

Contact Information

Coordinator: Belinda Looney
Phone: (901) 333-4162