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Southwest Mission

Southwest Mission

Approved by Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR)

At Southwest Tennessee Community College, community is our middle name. As a teaching and learning college, our students pursue associate degrees and technical certificates and engage in workforce development training to prepare them for the demands of an evolving marketplace. Our ability to change and adapt to uplift our students and serve our community makes us unique. At Southwest, we believe everyone deserves an opportunity.

Implementation of this mission requires specific activities carefully designed to ensure that the mission is accomplished. These activities are grounded in the College's basic values and are continuously evaluated and improved. As a current implementation strategy, the College:

  • Offers Associate of Applied Science, Associate of Arts, Associate of Science, Associate of Fine Arts and Associate of Science in Teaching degrees, academic and technical certificate programs, and courses that prepare students for transfer, employment, and career advancement in areas that include allied health sciences, nursing, business, computer technologies, criminal justice, education, and engineering and related technologies, while continually developing new programs in emerging fields
  • Offers a general education program to improve student communication and mathematical skills, critical thinking, cultural awareness, and personal and civic responsibility
  • Provides customized training, specialized courses, continuing education, and assessment services to meet personal, career, and workforce development needs
  • Provides developmental education to strengthen basic academic skills
  • Offers an Honors Program for creative and academically talented students.
  • Develops articulation agreements and collaborative activities with high schools, technology centers, colleges, and universities to ensure smooth educational transitions for students
  • Develops and sustains effective partnerships with business, industry, and community agencies to foster economic development and workforce preparation
  • Initiates public service activities and educational collaboratives dedicated to life-long learning and the improvement of the community at large
  • Creates opportunities for enrichment and personal growth through social, cultural/artistic, multi-cultural, and athletic activities
  • Utilizes technology reflecting current business and industry standards
  • Provides student support services to increase opportunities for success
  • Promotes academic excellence by supporting effective learning with quality instruction, a free exchange of ideas, and enhanced educational experiences through honors programs

Southwest Tennessee Community College will become a national model for technical, career, and transfer education by fostering student success, transforming lives, and increasing the educational level of a diverse community.

As a college community, the faculty and staff of Southwest Tennessee Community College are committed to the following values as guides for their professional practice:

  • Learning
  • Student success
  • Academic excellence
  • The uniqueness and worth of each individual
  • Dedicated faculty and staff
  • Responsible learners
  • Diversity
  • Personalized instruction and hands-on learning
  • Open communication, teamwork and participatory management
  • Academic freedom
  • Ethical and professional behavior
  • Community involvement
  • Continuous improvement

Southwest Tennessee Community College draws on the legacies of two colleges, Shelby State Community College and State Technical Institute at Memphis, which were consolidated July 1, 2000.

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