Virtual Fridays

Southwest Tennessee Community College locations are CLOSED Fridays through Aug. 11, 2023. All operations and classes are virtual, except the Friday-only classes that are held at Macon Cove and Union Avenue campuses. Events and activities scheduled Fridays on campus during the Fall 2022 semester will be held on campus as planned. All Southwest offices provide service and response virtually. Calls to Southwest offices on Fridays will be responded to by close of business the following work day.

What’s open on Campus on Virtual Fridays


Friday-only Classes Held on Campus Fall 2022

Subject  Course Number Section ID Course Title Time
84158 ACAD 1100 1H5 Academic Success Seminar 0730a-0900a
84159 ACAD 1100 1H6 Academic Success Seminar 0910a-1040a
84160 ACAD 1100 1H7 Academic Success Seminar 1050a-1220p
84161 ACAD 1100 1H8 Academic Success Seminar 1230p-0200p
83063 AUTO 1144 101 Brake Systems 0800a-1200p
83249 ART 1910 101 Painting I 0210p-0510p
83180 CIVT 2550 101 Advanced Surveying 1050a-0105p
82905 DIET 1310 1H5 Principles Of Nutrition 0730a-0900a
82997 EETC 1314 151 AC Circuits (Lecture) 0600p-0815p
82997 EETC 1314 151 AC Circuits (Lab) 0820p-2230a
83002 EETC 2331 151 PLC I 0600p-2230a
84196 ENGL 1010 H09 English Composition I 0910a-1040a
84197 ENGL 1010 H10 English Composition I 1050a-1220p
84198 ENGL 1010 H11 English Composition I 1230p-0200p
83052 ENST 1313 151 CAD for Electronics 0600p-2230a
83008 ENTC 1114 102 Int To Electric/Electronic Tec (Lecture) 1005a-1205p
83008 ENTC 1114 102 Int To Electric/Electronic Tec (Lab) 1210p-0235p
83010 ENTC 1124 1H1 Engineering Tech Techniques 0730a-0945a
83013 ENTC 1124 1H4 Engineering Tech Techniques 0600p-0815p
82445 MATH 530 1H1 Support Course for MATH 1530 1050a-1220p
82519 MATH 1530 160 Introductory Statistics 0600p-0900p
82527 MATH 1530 1H1 Introductory Statistics 1230p-0200p
82705 MECH 1320 102 Mechanical Comp.& Elec.Motors 1005a-0230p
82640 MEET 1114 151 Print Reading/ / GD&T 0600p-2230a
83332 MUS 1030 108 Introduction to Music 1050a-0150p
83716 PSYC 2130 101 Lifespan Dev Psychology 1050a-0150p
83176 READ 810 1H6 Reading Support for ACAD 1100 0910a-1040a
83730 SOCI 1010 1H2 Introduction to Sociology 1050a-1220p

Subject  Course Number Section ID Course Title Time
84115 SPAN 1010 1H2 Elementary Spanish I 1050a-1220p
84753 BIOL 1230 2H1 Microbiology 0910a-1210p
83223 ENGL 1010 2H8 English Composition I 0910a-1040a
83224 ENGL 1010 2H9 English Composition I 1230p-0200p
83228 ENGL 1020 2H4 English Composition II 1230p-0200p
83077 MLAB 1301 203 Intro to Medical Lab Tech 0800a-1200p
83685 PSYC 1030  2H1 Introduction to Psychology 1050a-1220p



Q: How can I reach Advising?
A: Call Advising at 901-333-5122 or by email the office at
Q: How can I schedule an appointment with Advising?
A: Use the Navigate app to schedule an appointment. NOTE: During the month of August, you may see an advisor on a walk-in basis and do not need to schedule an appointment.

Q. How do I contact Admissions about the status of my application?
A. Use the Navigate app to set up a phone or virtual appointment with your enrollment specialist. Find the name of your assigned Enrollment Specialist at

Q. How do I contact Admissions and Records by phone?
A. Contact the Admissions and Records Call Center at 901-333-5924. 


Q. How do I contact the bookstore on Fridays?
A. Contact the bookstores at or

Q. How do I buy books on Fridays?
A. The campus bookstores are closed Fridays. Books are available for purchase online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week  Purchases may be picked up curbside at Macon Cove or Union Avenue campuses Monday-Thursday or shipped to a home address.  

Curbside Pickup
Curbside pickup is available 9 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday at both locations. Please REMEMBER online orders take time to process and will be available 24 hours after you place your order on the next business day.  You must present an ID and online number for curbside pickup.

You may choose to ship your books using one of the following shipping methods:
• Standard Shipping to your home - $7.50
• Faster Shipping - $13.99
• Fastest Shipping - $19.99

For more bookstore information, visit

Q:  How can I reach Career Services on Virtual Fridays?
A:  Use the Navigate app to schedule an appointment. You also may call 901-333-4180 or email the office at from 8:00 a.m.- 4:30 p.m. 
Q: What can I do if I am undecided about my career and major?
A:  Take the free Career Coach assessment and schedule an appointment with Career Services to review your results. 

Q: How do I get assistance with academic and classroom accommodations?
A: Email the Center for Access at

Q:  How do I contact the Cashier’s Office for questions about my account?
A:  Contact the Cashier’s Office at or 901-333-5292 for assistance or more information.

Q: What about events and activities scheduled on Fridays?
A: Events and activities scheduled on campus on Fridays during the fall semester will take place on campus as planned. Stay tuned to the online calendar of the website for updates. 

Q: How do I get help with my FAFSA, TN Promise/TN Reconnect, Verification, and other Financial Aid issues?
A: Find the name of your Financial Aid Specialist here: Use the Navigate app to schedule an appointment. 
Q: How do I get assistance from Financial Aid by phone?
A: Please call 901-333-5960, Fridays 8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.

Q: How do I request a transcript or other records?
A:  Visit your student portal at My.Southwest to request records documents.

Q: How do I pay my fees when the Cashier’s office is working virtually?
A: Whenever possible pay tuition and fees online. Log into the My.Southwest portal and select:

  • “Registration/Online Services”, then
  • “Student”, then
  • “Student Account”, then
  • “Make a Payment”
  • “Login” if prompted
  • Select “Open Online Bill Pay”; this will take you to Touchnet

Q: How do I sign up for an electronic refund?
A:  Sign into your My.Southwest portal and select:

  • “Registration/Online Services”, then
  • “Student”, then
  • “Student Account”, then
  • “Make a Payment”, and
  • “Login”
  • Next, select:
  • “Open Online Bill Pay”
  • “Electronic Refunds”
  • “Set Up Account” and enter all required information
  • Next, select “Continue”.
  • Review and agree to terms and conditions, then select “Continue”.

All done! “Your new ACH refund account has been saved” should appear.

Q: How do I get an application for Community Assistance Scholarships (COMAS) or Access and Diversity scholarships?
A: Please call 901-333-5968 or email
Q: How do I request a Book/Required Supplies Voucher?
A: Contact the Southwest External Relations Division by calling 901-333-4394.

Q: How do I get a student photo ID card?
A:  Email
Q: How can I make an appointment with the Mental Health Counselor?
A: Email the counseling office at

Q: How can I receive assistance with food, housing, emergency grants and other social services?
A:  Email Social Services at

Q: How do I reach a Success Coach on Virtual Fridays?
A: Use the Navigate app to schedule an appointment. You may also email the Student Success Office at, or call 901-333-4324. 

Q:  How do I get assistance with placement testing, exit exams and other testing services?
A:  Call Testing Services at 901-333-4170 or email
Q:  How do I schedule a testing appointment?
A:  To schedule a testing appointment, visit