Student Spotlight: Rico Parker

By Marketing and Communications Staff 

This month’s student spotlight is Robrecus “Rico” Parker. Parker shares the reasoning behind his choice to major in nursing and what he enjoys most about Southwest. To hear his story, click on the image above. 

Rico’s Story 

My name is Robrecus Parker. My major is nursing. My mom inspired me the most, and my grandma. My mom took up nursing when she was in college. She got pregnant with me, and it kind of like, took our dreams away. So, I'm trying to make sure that I can do that for her. Get a degree, get their paperwork behind me, make her happy and make myself happy. 

Prior to me coming to school, my mom had pneumonia. She was dealing with pneumonia and my auntie called and told me to go over and check on her. I didn't want to go. I get there and she was gasping for her last breath, taking her last breath. I rush in and I start CPR. They called a week later, saying that she was breathing on her own. 

That’s what led me to being a nurse. I knew then that I loved doing that. And that inspired me even more. My mom wanted me to keep going with nursing as well. It's a passion that’s in me and I want to get it done not just for my mom, but for me. It's my dream as well.  

The ways I hope my degree impacts my family and the community is that I just want everybody to see me and see that I did it and know that they can do it, too. Because, if I could do it, anyone can.