Graduation and Commencement Dress Code

All graduates must wear academic regalia, which consists of cap, gown, hoods, and stoles (if applicable) for the Commencement ceremony. Business attire is appropriate under the gown. High heeled shoes will not be allowed on the field to avoid damage to the turf. Dress comfortably. The event will be a combination of standing and sitting, so make sure you’re dressed comfortably enough for both, but tasteful. Those wearing pants should consider dark pants and shoes. Just keep in mind that with whatever you choose to wear, these photos will be around for a while, so choose something you won’t mind seeing a few years down the road. When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with black or navy.

More Attire Tips

Don’t think that because you’re wearing a robe it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath. This should depend upon your plans after the ceremonies. However, we would suggest that you wear something comfortable, but tasteful. For men, slacks, lightweight dress shirt and dark shoes would be appropriate. For women, you have a broad range of choices. Slacks are certainly acceptable. Please wear comfortable shoes (no heels). The Liberty Bowl Stadium is quite large and you will walk longer distances than usual.

High-heeled Shoes Prohibited This Year

Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium prohibits the wearing of high-heeled shoes on the field as they would damage the turf. Therefore, graduates participating in the commencement ceremony are prohibited from wearing high-heeled shoes to the ceremony. Additionally, Commencement is not the day to break in new shoes. On your walk across the stage, you should be focusing on your accomplishment, not worrying about tripping/falling.

More Commencement Tips

Set an alarm

Set your alarm and have a buddy system to make sure you arrive by 9:30 a.m. Graduates should report to the North Tunnel at Liberty Bowl Memorial Stadium for graduate line up.  Stadium parking is for students and guests. Take a bathroom break prior to lining up with other graduates. Once you’re on the field, bathroom access will be limited. Please return to your seat from the stage so your degree can be conferred (officially awarded). Your gown, stole and hood do not have to be returned after the Ceremony. They are mementos and are yours to keep. Plan in advance where you want to meet your family afterwards. Most importantly, remember to enjoy the day and reminisce on all that you’ve achieved at Southwest Tennessee Community College.


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