Grants Management

Southwest Tennessee Community College is legally accountable to the sponsor as the official recipient of a grant, contract or cooperative agreement; however, the principal investigator/ project director (PI), acting through the department/school/college, is responsible for the proper conduct of the project. To assist the faculty member in this very important responsibility, Southwest provides supporting administrative services and has established procedures to help meet both sponsor and University administrative requirements via the Director of Grants Management. Southwest is, ultimately, legally and financially responsible and accountable to the sponsor for the performance of the activity funded and the proper use of funds. Grants Management assists the PI with the implementation and management of the funded project. The staff serves as a resource for guidance on all aspects of administration of funded projects. Grants Management has the following specific responsibilities:

  • Negotiates contracts and financial arrangements and serves as a liaison with sponsors throughout the life of the project.
  • Guides PIs in interpretation or clarification of federal regulations, funding agency requirements, award terms, and Southwest policies.
  • Helps PI to initiate paperwork to establish a sponsored project fund/ index account for the project.

Grants Manual

Download and access the full Southwest Tennessee Community College Grants Manual.

Current Grants

Since 2013, the Office of Institutional Advancement via grant awards has secured over $30 million thanks to the many faculty and staff partnering with Institutional Advancement on various grant initiatives. Please see link below for a full listing of all grants awarded to Southwest Tennessee Community College.

View the list of current grants below.

  • Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services/Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA) - $181,237
  • Tennessee Department of Health and Human Services/Tennessee Early Childhood Training Alliance (TECTA) - $60,000
  • Department of Education - $3,000,000
  • Tennessee Board of Regents (Federal Perkins Funds) - $100,000
  • Tennessee Board of Regents - $35,000
  • Women’s Foundation of Greater Memphis - $20,000
  • Women’s Foundation of Greater Memphis - $20,000
  • Sun Trust Foundation - $5,000
  • Baptist Memorial Health Care Foundation - $15,000
  • AT&T Foundation- $5,000
  • MTSU (SBDC) - $200,000
  • City of Memphis - $50,000
  • Tennessee Valley Authority - $5,000
  • Department of Labor - $2,387,247
  • Department of Labor - $1,654,192 - 1,783,805
  • Department of Labor H1B - 1,950,007
  • Assisi Foundation - $250,000
  • Thomas Briggs Foundation - $75,000
  • Plough Foundation - $ - $264,900
  • Porter Leath - $560,000
  • Tennessee State University TLSAMP - $19,000