Final Let’s Talk About Race workshop slated for March 16

By Diana Fedinec

Race WorkshopLast November, the Tennessee Board of Regents began a three-part virtual series for Southwest employees entitled “Let’s Talk About Race,” facilitated by Greg Fontus of the Fontus Experience. The series is part of TBR’s collective work among its institutions to better understand ideologies that impact communities of color.

Southwest is offering the workshops as part of its Reimagined Southwest mission to transform student success and address the systemic barriers and injustices students of color face. Fontus is certified as a Cook Ross Unconscious Bias, Green Dots Bystander Intervention and National Coalition Building Institute trainer. His workshops bring awareness to the reasons why social inequities exist and how individuals can commit to alleviating racial oppression within one’s own campus environment. According to Fontus, “Understanding race from both a historical and contemporary lens is critical in fostering an environment of inclusion and belonging.”

The first workshop, “The Socialization of Race and Racism,” was held on Nov. 19 followed by, “Dismantling Colorblind Ideologies,” Jan. 12, 2021. Each workshop is confidential so that participants can freely express their opinions, experiences and strategies.

The third and final workshop, “Becoming a Racial Justice Ally,” is March 16, 10:30 a.m. – 11:30 a.m. (CST). This session will focus on providing tools to becoming a helpful ally in the effort to change the systematic inequities that exist within the campus environment. Employees will be sent a link to register for the March 16 workshop through their Southwest email.

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