Classroom Instruction

The students initially receive extended instruction on Saturdays in mathematics through pre-calculus, laboratory science, foreign language, writing (composition), literature (reading), study skills and other subjects necessary for success beyond secondary school.

ACT Preparation

Classes provide student with skills for taking the American College Test (ACT) through the use of preparation booklets which include test information, practice tests questions with scoring keys, writing prompt sample essays, test descriptions and testing tips.

Career Research Skills

This computer based class allows students to take self-assessment surveys to determine possible career choices through skills building, interest surveys and job selection. Included are resume writing and career research based on individual student assessment outcomes.

Academic and Career Planning

Individual, small group sessions and workshops assist participants with exploring career options, especially professional and career in which persons from disadvantaged backgrounds are traditionally underrepresented.


Each week the tutoring sessions include basic and college prep instruction in english writing, literature, foreign language, math through pre-calculus and science.

College and Financial Aid Advising

Parents of students in their third and fourth year in high school are invited to attend an informative hands-on financial aid session where a Southwest financial aid counselor explores, informs, and even assists in completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Cultural Enrichment

Whether it is the Alvin Ailey Dance Theater, tickets to the Phantom of the Opera, or visiting the FDR memorial in Washington D.C., Upward Bound is dedicated to assuring that the participants are allowed to develop and expand their cultural horizons.

Experience Living on a College Campus

The summer session of the Upward Bound Program allows the participant to get a taste of college life by residing in the dorms of selected college campus with a roommate. The students spend five (5) weeks in the dorms and are bussed to the Union Avenue Campus for their classes.


As a first generation college student, we understand that the Upward Bound participant may experience feelings of displacement. In Upward Bound, community leaders, faculty and staff have been invited to advise and talk to our students using confidence-building and morale boosting workshops.

Small Monthly Stipends

Each student is paid a small monthly stipend that is to be used to buy supplies and other necessities.