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Business and Technologies

Business and Technologies

Business and Technologies


Business and technologies touch the day-to-day world in which we live and work, transforming industries and communities.  

Our Business and Technologies programs provide a real-world curriculum where students can hone their skills in several areas, from learning business operations to exploring entrepreneurship to discovering cutting-edge technologies for innovation. 


Program Overview

The Business and Technologies Division is made up of three academic departments. The Division offers a wide range of A.A.S. and A.S. degrees and Technical Certificates for those students seeking requisite knowledge and skills to enter the today’s highly competitive workforce. The programs offered in each department are listed below.  

Students interested in pursuing careers in Information Technology can get relevant experience through our IT Apprenticeship Program, a partnership with the Greater Memphis IT Council and the University of Memphis.  Learn more about the apprenticeship program here

Business and Legal Studies 


Engineering Technologies


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