Finance and Administration Level IV Operations

Southwest Tennessee Community College is now at Level IV of its Pandemic Preparedness Plan. All operations have fully returned to campus. All employees have returned to campus unless there are special circumstances. The majority of classes will be in-person lecture with other classes continuing online or in a hybrid format. The College will continue to monitor the Coronavirus and enact health and safety measures in accordance with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and health department guidelines.

The Pandemic Preparedness Plan includes an Incident Management Team that is comprised of the following:

  • Dr. Tracy Hall, President
  • Angela Webb, Director of Public Safety (emergency lead and coordinator with other agencies)
  • Jonathan Welden, Director of Physical Plant
  • Michael Boyd, Associate Vice President of Administrative Services
  • Dr. Kendricks Hooker, Vice President of Academic Affairs
  • Cory Major, Interim Vice President for Student Affairs

Human Resources

The operating hours of the College have not changed. As the situation involving COVID-19 continues to develop, changes may be necessary and updates will be provided as needed.

Benefits and Other Resources

Doctor's offices may be very busy and may not be able to provide immediate care and/or absentee documentation in a timely manner.  Employees covered by an Southwest group health plan are encouraged to enroll in the Telehealth Service Program (MDLIVE for Cigna members and PhysicianNow for BCBS members) for virtual medical consults:

Cigna Members

  • Log into
  • Look for MDLive
  • Or, call 888-726-3171 for MDLive

BlueCross BlueShield Members

All employees and their dependents who are eligible for Southwest group health care benefits (even if you are not enrolled in the benefits program) have access to psychological counseling and crisis debriefing to individuals affected by the pandemic through the Employee Assistance Plan (EAP), which is Here4TN.  Some employees may want counseling services that could include loss of loved ones, health issues related to the disease, or financial hardship.

Employees who are enrolled in Southwest’s group benefits should make sure they have a copy of insurance cards and provider contact information for quick reference and use in case of provider visits or hospital admissions.  (Group Benefit Quick Reference)

Group Meetings and Events

Meetings and events are open and on-campus. To discourage further spread of the Coronavirus, virtual meetings and events should be held when appropriate.


Payroll will be processed on the normal payroll cycles: semi-monthly paid employees will be paid the 15th and last day of the month; monthly employees will be paid the last day of the month.  Employees not registered for direct deposit will receive their check by mail. Employees should verify their address is correct by logging into My.Southwest and selecting Self-Service, then Personal Information.  For questions, please email

Links to Additional HR Resources/Policies

Attendance Policy:
Time Off and Leave:

Accounts Payable

For the remainder of the term, outstanding invoices will be paid according to payment terms no sooner than net 15 days.  Invoices should be emailed to and should include the Purchase Order number.

College officials responsible for approving invoices will do so in an electronic environment. College staff are asked to check email daily for communications from Accounts Payable staff regarding approval of invoices for payment and index/org to be charged. 

Payments of invoices purchased with a Purchase Order will require receipt information be submitted to to authorize payment.

Checks will be mailed to recipients.  For questions, please email

Physical Plant

The college is engaged in the normal daily cleaning of all buildings. This continues and will throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Additional processes of cleaning have been implemented.

The college is engaged in a comprehensive effort to disinfect all buildings in compliance with Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended products. These disinfecting efforts are reinforced through additional training and outside support from qualified professional service firms.

Access to Campus and Public Safety

The college is open with full access to all campus locations.

COVID-19:  Retrieving office mail from campus

Mail retrieval is open and resumes normal operating procedures.

For more information, contact Public Safety/Police Services at 901-333-4242


Business travel and international travel are being evaluated and more information will be forthcoming.


Please reference the Purchasing website for specific information regarding purchasing and contract guidance and the Document Library for relevant forms.  For questions, please email

Vendor Payments

Vendors will be paid as normal. Invoices will be processed as normal.


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