Honors Contracts

In addition to taking honors courses, students also have the option of earning up to three credit hours (typically one course) through an honors contract. An honors contract is a voluntary agreement between an honors student and faculty member that defines an independent project the student can complete in addition to required coursework to earn honors credit in a non-honors course. Honors contracts are a great choice for students who want to challenge themselves to complete honors-level work in specialized subject areas and/or with specific faculty members. Students interested in completing an honors contract should follow the process below.


  1. Contact your professor expressing interest in completing an honors contract in the course. In addition to honors faculty, a list of faculty who have experience with honors contracts can be found here.
  2. If the professor agrees, work together to complete the honors contract form and submit to the Honors Program for approval no later than three weeks after the beginning of classes. Completed forms can be submitted in person to the HIPI Suite in MAB 139 or electronically by email to  honors@southwest.tn.edu
  3. Students and faculty will be promptly notified of approval by email and provided copies of the approved form.
  4. At the end of the semester, your professor will notify the Honors Program of your final grade in the course and whether honors work was completed satisfactorily.
  5. If the work for the honors contract was completed, the Honors P
  6. rogram coordinator will contact the Admissions and Records office to record the grade as Honors credit within 30 days of grades being posted.
  7. If the work for the honors contract was not completed, the course grade remains on your transcript as a traditional course with no Honors distinction.


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