Traffic Appeals

If a College student believes that he/she has justification, traffic citations may be appealed within 72 hours after issuance (Saturdays, Sundays and holidays excepted).

Student has the option of appearing before the Committee for Traffic Appeals, which will hear the appeal if he/she wishes to make an oral argument. However, if this option is not exercised, the members of the committee will consider the appeal based upon the written statement submitted by the student on the appeal request form. The Committee will meet monthly or at such times as may be necessary. The location, date and time of the next scheduled committee hearing will be shared with the student at the time the request form is completed and submitted to the Student Development office. The Committee is to be composed of five students: Student Government Association (SGA) and Club Representatives. The decision of the committee membership will be made based upon the regulations set forth in the Southwest Traffic Code (which is given to all students when they obtain a parking permit). The committee shall select its chairperson and recording secretary.

The appeal process begins with the student completing the Request to Appeal Traffic Citation. The form may be obtained, completed and left in the Student Development office. The traffic citation issued by Campus Police must be attached to the appeal form at the time of its submission to the committee.

The committee will meet to review appeals submitted by students for consideration of voiding the obligation. The student may verbally present his/her case to the committee in support of the written documentation submitted.

Decisions of the committee majority will determine the outcome of the appeal, which in effect gives the committee the authority to void tickets. If the decision of the committee membership is that the assessment on the citation be paid, fines must be paid in accordance with the procedures set forth in the Southwest Traffic Code.

A copy of the action of the committee on an appeal will be made known to the coordinator of Student Development and the Campus Police. The Campus Police will notify the student of the results via returned student copy of the request form on which the action will be noted. If the student wishes to learn the committee decision prior to the receipt of his/her copy, the student may call the Student Development office after the committee hearing is held.

If the student feels that the committee's decision must be appealed, the student may submit a written request to the coordinator of Student Development within 72 hours after the decision of the committee has been released. The director will review the respective decisions and decide whether to uphold or override committee action.

Once a citation is issued to a student, notice of such is to be entered into the computer by the Campus Police Office, which results in a "hold" placed on the student's records and denial of permission to register.


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