How to Read the Schedule

The class schedule lists the course you are taking and its location. Please see the sample of a course listing below to learn how to identify your course and location. 

Remember to check the Registering for Classes webpage for more information and updates.

Sample Course Listing

Course Department ID Course Number Section Number

SOCI  1010-101

This is your complete course identification. 


The first few letters identify the course subject. In this case, it is Sociology. 


This is the course number. 


In this example, the number “1” in 101 refers to the Macon Cove Campus indicating where this course is held. 


Identifying Course Locations 

Below are examples of courses showing the course section number and the first digit of that section number which references the location of the course. The location can be a physical location or listed as an online or hybrid location. Southwest offers seven campuses for your convenience which are identified below.

Other types of locations are listed here: location code.

List of Course Locations

Course Example ID of Location

ENGL  1010  101 

1 - Macon Cove Campus

ENGL  1010  201   

2 - Union Avenue Campus

ENGL  1010  F51 

F - Somerville Site at UT-Martin

ENGL  1010  301

3 - Gill Center

ENGL  1010  401 

4 - Maxine A. Smith Center

ENGL  1010  501

5 - Millington Center

ENGL  1010  601

6 - Whitehaven Center

ENGL  1010  H01

H - Hybrid Course (Split Courses)

ENGL  1010  L01 

L - Online Course

ENGL  1010  R50 

R - TN eCampus

TN eCampus courses are assessed an additional fee. Please refer to Digital Learning page for more details.


For your convenience, Southwest has several campuses, centers, and a site to help create a class schedule that fits your busy schedule.

Name Town/Neighborhood Address
Gill Center Frayser 3833 Mountain Terrace
Macon Cove Campus East Shelby County 5983 Macon Cove
Maxine A. Smith Center Southeast Memphis 8800 East Shelby Drive
Millington Center Millington 6500 Navy Road
Somerville Site at UT-Martin Somerville, TN 38068 214 Lakeview Rd
Union Avenue Campus Downtown Memphis 737 Union Avenue
Whitehaven Center Whitehaven 1234 Finley Road

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