No. Books for TN eCampus courses are available through the TN eCampus Bookstore. You can access that store at

No. There is information on the TN eCampus login page that describes your username and password. Please visit - see the "How do Students Log In" Section.

Students taking TN eCampus courses should go to the testing page to learn more and schedule their exams.

Please visit - Directly below the login form is a "Portal Information Guide". This guide contains instructions for obtaining and resetting your username and password.

If this information is not sufficient, you can contact the Student Helpdesk between 8:00am and 4:30pm CST weekdays: 901-333-HELP (4357)

You register for TN eCampus classes the same way you would register for any other Southwest Tennessee Community College course. If you are admitted to Southwest and have met the prerequisites for the course, you may register for a TN eCampus course at Look for the R** section number (R01, R25, R50, R80).

Online: The section number of a Southwest Online course will consist of a "L", such as L01, L02, L03. Example: Music Appreciation - MUS 1030 L01

Split: The section number of a Southwest Split course will consist of an "H", such as 1H1, 1H2, 2H2. Example: Principles of Accounting I - ACCT 1010 1H1

TN eCampus: The section number of a TN eCampus course will consist of a "R", such as R50. Example: Music Appreciation - MUS 1030 R50 (R01 = first short term, R25 = second short term, R50 = full term, R80 = full term paired Learning Support).

Yes. If you are a first time RODP student, it is recommended that you complete the orientation available at

First, check your class schedule at to make sure you are currently enrolled.

It is good practice, whether your class is in PAWS or not, to contact your instructor. Your instructor will not contact you first.

Email (or phone) your instructor. Let them know your name, what class you are in (including the section number). If you have any questions or concerns about the class, this is a good time to let the instructor know.

If you have not heard from your instructor within 24 hours contact the department chair for assistance in contacting your instructor. You can find the department chair's contact information by using our list of Departmental Contacts:

Theses courses are delivered using various methods, and you can find additional information about each on the Distance Education website:

A list of online courses for the current semester is available at

Southwest's online classes begin on the same day as on-campus classes. You will not be able to access your course until the first day of school. This information is published on the college's Academic Calendar:

TN eCampus courses may start on a different day than Southwests courses. If you're enrolled in an TN eCampus course, please visit for more information. TN eCampus course access does not begin until after 3 pm on the first day of the semester.

All Southwest syllabi are available on the Distance Education website. Just look for your course, and click the Section link to find the syllabus:

Syllabi for TN eCampus courses can be found at

This depends on whether or not you're registered for a Southwest online class or a TN eCampus online class. If you don't know, you'll need to look at your schedule to find your class's section number. For example, if you're registered for ACAD 1111-L01, the "L01" part is the section number.

Numbers like L01, L02, L03 are Southwest classes. For these, you would log in to PAWS:

If the section is R50, you're in an TN eCampus class, and would log in at

You will need to contact the secretary for the department in which the instructor teaches. If you still are unable to contact your instructor, your next step would be to speak with the department chair.

Department and Faculty contact information is available at:

If you are in a TN eCampus class and you are unable to contact your instructor, please e-mail and the TN eCampus Student Liaison will work to assist you.

All Southwest syllabi are available on the Simple Syllabus website;
On this page you can search by semester, instructor, subject or course number.

Syllabi for TN eCampus courses can be found at

You should contact your Financial Aid advisor for any questions about financial aid status.

More information about Financial Aid is available at the Financial Aid website.

You should check with your advisor at the school to which you are transferring.